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FREE Cinematic LUT - Rec.709

FREE Cinematic LUT - Rec.709


A consistent cinematic LUT that actually works with your shots! Subtle, clean contrast with rich cinematic colours.

Over the past 9 years of video editing and colour grading, we have tried and tested hundreds of LUTs and different plugins to get a proffesional cinematic look. We have put everything we have learned into LUTs like this one to make our process simpler and more time effective. 

We hope you can use this LUT so you dont have to spend hundreds of hours testing like we did! 

This LUT can be used with ANY footage: Sony, Canon, DJI, Panasonic, GoPro, BlackMagic etc. 

  • Convert footage to rec.709
  • Apply LUT
  • Minor exposure adjustments (depending on clip)
  • Done!


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